CALL FOR FILMMAKERS: Send your horror movie


Cineclube Toca o Terror is the first Film Club of this kind in Recife (Northeast in Brazil) with monthly editions with free entry to the public. We are a website and podcast which comment about publications, films, TV series and comics.

With over 90 recorded podcasts on various topics (vampires, zombies, monsters and rarities), Toca o Terror has held special sessions in the Festival de Inverno de Garanhuns, Janela Internacional de Cinema do Recife, besides promoting the marathon MEDONHO with 10 hours of screening in a adult theater.

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Our Film Club is now open to receive horror short films, fantasy and sci-fi from filmmakers around the world. The selection of films to be presented is done periodically and if your work is selected, we will contact you back.


We already exhibited works by brazilian directors such as Rodrigo Aragão, Joel Caetano, André Pinto, Ivo Costa, Marcos DiBrito, Petter Baiestorf and José Mojica Marins (Coffin Joe), and promote special events and discussions with researchers and gender experts.

If you have a production short film that fits in this style and wants to show your film to us, so sign here:

* If the film has no dialogue in Portuguese, please provide subtitles in English to be sent later if selected.


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